What is MuMufication?

MuMufication is a new form of memorialisation, a funeral ceremony for like-minded people irrespective of creed or background.

MuMufication is the act of having a small portion of cremated human remains fired in a Brick of Mu and laid in the People’s Pyramid.

Bricks of Mu are laid at the brick laying ceremony every year on the Toxteth Day of the Dead.

The Toxteth Day of the Dead takes place each year on 23rd November. 

Why MuMufication?

To remember. To mourn. To build the People’s Pyramid.


GET MuMufication

On getting MuMufication you will receive:

  1. A Brick of Mu*
  2. A Certificate of MuMufication signed by the directors of K2 Plant Hire Ltd 
  3. Instructions and a MuMufication Registration Form

Get Now. Die Later.

* A Brick of Mu is a handmade brick with a hole in the centre that is filled with a small portion cremated remains. It is recommended that you place your Brick of Mu on your mantlepiece to remind you how vital each passing day is. Or hide it under your bed in an effort to deny the transience of life.

Who can Get MuMufication?

MuMufication is for anyone cremated who wants to be part of the People’s Pyramid. There are no religious or other requirements to join. Just ensure your family and friends are aware of your wishes.

Who can’t Get MuMufication?

The People’s Pyramid is built of human remains and therefore we cannot accept cremated remains of pets or sentimental inanimate objects*. 

*K2 Plant Hire Ltd are building The People’s Pyramid, not The Pet’s Pyramid or The Meaningful Inanimate Object’s Pyramid.

Can I Get MuMufication for someone who is already dead?

Yes, particularly if you think they would have appreciated it and there is a consensus amongst friends and family.

If you are registering MuMufication for someone already dead you can choose not to be sent the brick, and simply send us the remains. [we can add an option at checkout].

Can I have a regular funeral and still Get MuMufication?

A: Yes. Only 23 grams of cremated remains are needed for MuMufication. MuMufication is complimentary to all other funeral ceremonies.

I have cremated human remains ready for MuMufication. What do I do next?

If you haven’t already, get MuMufication HERE then contact us at admin@mumufication.com for further instructions. 

What happens once the Brick of Mu and remains are sent back?

23 grams of remains are placed in a hole in the Brick of Mu, which is then re-fired in a kiln at 1100ºC until the bones form a glaze and fuse with the brick.

New Bricks of Mu are ceremonially laid in the People’s Pyramid once a year on the 23rd November – the Toxteth Day of the Dead.

What is the Toxteth Day of The Dead?

Toxteth Day of the Dead is a day of celebration and mourning. It is a day when people can gather together to witness new Bricks of Mu being laid and watch the People’s Pyramid being built. The ceremonies and events around this evolve and change from year to year. 

When is the next Toxteth Day of the Dead?

2022: Wednesday 23rd November

2023: Thursday 23rd November

2024: Saturday 23rd November


Where is the People’s Pyramid?

The People’s Pyramid is currently being built on its foundation stone and housed in a customised shipping container. This is so it can be moved to different sites for each Toxteth Day of the Dead until a permanent site is found.

The event started in Toxteth, Liverpool L8 – hence the name, but whilst the foundation stone can be moved the Toxteth Day of the Dead can happen anywhere. 

It is also believed that the People’s Pyramid will find its permanent site in Toxteth but nothing is set in stone.

When will the People’s Pyramid be completed?

The People’s Pyramid will start as a small pyramid and grow upwards and outwards each year as more bricks are added. When 34,592 bricks have been laid and the People’s Pyramid stands 23 feet high, it will be complete. This will take 999 years or more. 

Can I buy Merch?

Yes, from the Merchants of Death on this site HERE. All profits from Merch sales go towards building the People’s Pyramid.

I have another question.

If you would like to speak to us contact admin@mumufication.com