Unexpected Item in Toxteth Town Hall

23rd November 2018

K2 Plant Hire Ltd are building a pyramid. The pyramid, known as The People’s Pyramid, will be constructed of 34,592 bricks.

Each brick in the pyramid will contain the cremated remains of a dead person. To become part of the People’s Pyramid, one must sign up to a process called MUMUFICATION*.

Shopping Trolley Pyramid
Unexpected Item in Toxteth Town Hall


  • The first MuMufied bricks of The People’s Pyramid will be laid on its foundation stone, in Liverpool, on Toxteth Day Of The Dead, 2018.
  • Toxteth Day Of The Dead will take place on Friday 23 November, 2018, and will be marked on the same date, every year thereafter, in a variety of ways.
  • K2 Plant Hire Ltd’s directors, Jimmy Cauty and Bill Drummond, will mark the 2018 instalment by revealing an Unexpected Item in Toxteth Town Hall.
  • This Unexpected Item will be available for inspection by the public between the hours of noon and 9pm on Friday 23 November, 2018.
  • In order to gain entrance to Toxteth Town Hall during these hours, members of the public (see T&Cs*) must present security staff with one full sized supermarket shopping trolley. The shopping trolley is non-returnable.
  • November 23, 2018, is, coincidentally, Black Friday. Therefore K2 Plant Hire Ltd have come up with an attractive range of one-time offers for those wishing to obtain MuMufication (details below).
  • Meanwhile, 399 living people will be enlisted on a journey to forge Toxteth Day Of The Dead traditions that will withstand the next thousand years. The 399 may be casual bystanders or they may have taken part in Welcome To The Dark Ages in August 2017.
    Either way, they will be expected to report to the entrance of Toxteth Town Hall at 15:00 precisely on Friday 23 November.
  • There will be free tea and mince pies served at Toxteth Town Hall, which will last as long as we all shall live or until they run out. Whichever occurs first.
  • There may be other occurrences throughout the day and night.


MuMufication normally costs £99 per person. But for one day only, Friday 23rd November, 2018, the following deals are available:

  • 99p MuMufication: If you are aged 80 or over and a resident of Toxteth/L8 then you can obtain MuMufication for 99p.
  • £9.99 MuMufication: If you are aged 23 or under and a resident of Toxteth/L8 then you are entitled to purchase MuMufication for £9.99. (Proof of age and address required.)



  • The People’s Pyramid is to be built in Toxteth, Liverpool. The People’s Pyramid, once complete, will comprise 34,592 Bricks of Mu.
  • *MuMufication is the process whereby 23 grams of an individual’s cremated remains are fired in a brick (a Brick of Mu) and for this brick to become one of the 34,592 bricks of the People’s Pyramid. Obtain an unfired brick now and, when the time comes, Cauty and Drummond will do the rest. See here for the full detail.
  • The foundation stone is made from locally quarried sandstone. It measures 3 feet X 3 feet X 4 inches. On it will be laid the first 240 Bricks of Mu. 
  • Toxteth Day Of The Dead is not a caricature of any other day of the dead you may have heard of. It is the day in the calendar when the previous 12 months’ crop of Bricks of Mu are laid on the People’s Pyramid.
  • Toxteth Town Halli s located at 15 High Park St, Liverpool L8 8DX.

Media opportunities on the day

  • Undertakers Claire Phillips and Ru Callender, of the Green Funeral Company, will be at Toxteth Town Hall to explain MuMufication and talk matters of life and death. They will also be overseeing the laying of the first Bricks of Mu. This will be undertaken by qualified bricklayer Daisy Eris Campbell.
  • Merchants of Death Steve Lowe and Sophie Polyviou, of L-13 Light Industrial Workshop, will be there for those keen to sign up for MuMufication, be it for themselves – or as a precious gift for a loved one.
  • K2 Security, led by Tony Thorpe, will be on hand to receive the public’s supermarket shopping trolleys and to ensure any other business is conducted in a fitting manner.
  • Paul Sullivan, architect of The People’s Pyramid, will answer questions regarding pyramid building.
  • L8 resident Tom Calderbank will be there to answer questions about the Royal & Ancient Park of Toxteth. He will also lead the journey of the 399, along with Gimpowho will be on hand to both confuse and enlighten.

*Terms and conditions

If you live within the Liverpool 8 postcode, the entrance fee to Toxteth Town Hall will be waived (proof of address required). 

The entrance fee will also be waived for all those who have already obtained MuMufication or who sign up for it on the day. 

NB: For everyone else, the one-shopping-trolley-per-person admission rule will be rigorously enforced. No excuses.

For media enquiries please contact Angie Sammons angiesammons@icloud.com



Image credits: Thomas Ecke; Jane MacNeill.

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