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MuMufication is the act of having a small portion of cremated human remains fired in a Brick of Mu and laid in the People’s Pyramid.

A Brick of Mu is a traditionally handmade brick manufactured by HG Matthews brick-makers, with a hole in the centre to be filled with 23 grams of cremated human remains.

The Brick of Mu filled with remains is re-fired in a kiln at 1100ºC until the remains become glaze.

Fired Bricks of Mu are ceremonially laid into the People’s Pyramid on the 23rd of November each year.

When a person’s Brick of Mu has been laid in the People’s Pyramid they have been MuMufied.

MuMufication is for anyone who wishes to be part of the People’s Pyramid, irrespective of religion or other beliefs.

You can register for MuMufication before you die, or get MuMufication for someone who has already died.

A Brick of Mu before firing.


You can get MuMufication below. To get MuMufication you must pay a registration fee of £99. Upon registering for MuMufication you will receive a Brick of Mu, to be kept safely until you die.

Upon your death a family member or friend must return 23 grams of your cremated remains and your Brick of Mu to us for firing.

Your Brick of Mu will then be laid in the People’s Pyramid on the next 23rd of November in a Brick Laying Ceremony.

To Get MuMufication for someone who has already died you can choose for us to keep your brick safe until you send us that person’s cremated remains.

Fired Brick of Mu
A fired brick of Mu containing the cremated remains of a dead person.
Undertakers Ru Callender, Claire Phillips, and brick-layer Daisy Campbell with the People’s Pyramid foundation stone. Image credit: Jane MacNeill