Billy Evans

13 May, 1960 – 17 March, 2017
Mumufied 2021

Billy Evans

Billy was born in Liverpool L8 & lived there most of his life. 

He loved Liverpool, his family, his friends, his team LFC!!

As a young boy he lived with his mum Marie & brother Tony who he adored. The 3 of them always singing country & western songs together when he was growing up. Billy loved to sing… ” Mack the Knife” being his all time favourite. 21 year old pensioner his friends called him. 

And a very talented football player was Billy!! Could have gone professional but just wanted play for his local team and have a pint after the game! That’s what he loved to do. 

We were childhood sweethearts, met at 13, married at 20 and had 3 beautiful children who he dearly loved, & now 5 grandchildren who he would be so proud of. 

THE GREAT EASTERN: Billy’s favourite pub as he ran it for 12 years. Always giving, helping, & entertaining our friends and customers. He was the life & soul of the party wherever he went. 

Billy wanted to travel the world but didn’t like to fly, except to Greece. He loved Greece, loved his bars, his Greek friends, “our Greek family”. You’re in lots of places now Billy: Greece, Benidorm, Australia, New York, and you will be seeing many more countries.

We all will love & miss you forever Billy.. Yammas!! Xxxx