Jonathan Webber

8 August, 1965 – 1 November, 2017
Mumufied 2019

Jonathan Webber

Hello fellow followers of Mumu.

Since his sad, sudden, unexpected death a few years ago, Jonathan Webber’s ashes have been scattered in many and varied places.

Over the River Thames near his home in London.

Underneath a 250 year old Encino oak tree in a small private woodland in a beautiful part of Andalucia.

Finally, a handful of these ashes were provided for his Mumufication.

Jonathan always had grand visions of what his life should be like, so it’s fitting that in death a small precious part of him should be interred in a pyramid. He might be less than delighted that the pyramid is in Toxteth but the Egyptian authorities are no longer taking submissions for the Great Pyramid in Giza, so the People’s Pyramid it is.

He is fondly remembered and missed every day.

I am sad to report he will shortly be joined in the pyramid by his mother who left us recently.

Others will follow, but hopefully in the distant future.

Carpe Diem.

In fond memories of my beautiful brother.

Peter Webber.