Kaushal Kumar Gupta

– 23 August, 2017
Mumufied 2019

foundation stone

By his son Vinay Gupta

Dr. K. K. Gupta, callsign LEX23 when he worked as a night doctor, had a long, strange, and storied life. A groundbreaking medical researcher, he went from being a strange, religious little boy in Agra, India, to a pillar of the Yorkshire Spiritualist Church community. He lost the plot in mid-life, and found it again in old age.

From a solid Hindu he became a Yorkshire spiritualist as he assimilated. He took it very seriously. After about 20 years of regularly going to seances and services he finally reached a conclusion. It was serious business. He sat me down to give me the update, his understanding based on 20 years of spirit mediums talking to him.

“Son, there is one thing I am certain of after all of my years in conversation with the Spirits: just because you are dead, does not mean you become intelligent.”

Given his love of Spirit Mediums while he was in the body, there’s a pretty good chance that he’s a prime candidate for Spirit communication now that he is dead. I think he would be tickled pink to hear from you!