Mumufied 2021

Kenneth A Taylor

Our Dad Kenny, or Kenco as the grandkids liked to call him.. or the Silver Fox his young 20 year old friends named him..
The most handsome, immaculate, vain man I know! Always had to look perfect. He would take longer than us girls to get ready for a night out.. always immaculate from 18 to 80..
Dad met our Mum Maureen at a young age and had a beautiful big wedding, bought their own house and then had 3 beautiful of course!!.. we all lived in Harrowby street L8 until about 1973/4 when we moved to 5 greta street, now known as 48 Greengables L8. Which is still our family home. In later years when when Dad & Mum went their separate ways, Dad moved to Holland with the company he’d always worked for..Dunlops. Dad spent 25 years in Holland an we had many happy holidays going to visit him and Dad would take us out sightseeing all the gorgeous places..  even the red light district!! Dad lived life to the full, always a quiet man, but not a shy one! He had lovely friends here in liverpool & Holland who he never forgot. When Dad came back to liverpool he loved being out for a pint up lodge lane with his brothers, or in the queens with his mates, or out with the family. Dad was always close to his younger brothers Peter & Roy, and his only sister Marilyn and always made time to visit them.  Over the next 20 odd years Dad took turns living with us girls and our families.. mostly with our Deb & John, then Sandra & Billy, but in the summer months he lived with me in Greece.. and he was in his element.. he loved it. Helping in the bar, peeled 3 sacks of spuds every week for sunday lunch, having a pint or a Malibu with the workers after work.. always chatting the ladies up.. and always took the ladies home!! And there was quite a few lovely ladies over the years!! The Silver Fox!! In his 70s but was 30 in his head. He never missed a chance to have a night out.. in greece or liverpool.
With 5 grandchildren & 5 great grandchildren, he loved them.. it’s sad you never got to meet the youngest ones. You would be so proud of them all Dad x I would laugh when hed be telling the grand kids off for coming in late or a bit bevvied.. when he was the oldest swinger in town!! Our Dad, lived his life to full & enjoyed it. Friends, family, your sons in law, us girls and our children and their children had so much love and respect for you. We all miss you. But our beautiful Debbie x your blue eye, is with you all now, so you take good care of her xxx we will love & miss you always Dad xx
Kim, Sandra, Anthony, Leah, Becky, Alex, James, Harris, Summer, Sonny, Skyla, Billy and all our families xxxx