Kevin Moore

Mumufied 2021

Kevin Moore

Kevin wanted to know what life was all about. Not just the daily routine of working to live or living to work. But actually all of the influences around that affect each and every one of us. From the elite, the illuminati, the world’s bankers, world leaders to nutritional food to heal  our bodies rather than line the pockets of pharmaceutical companies feeding us chemical substitutes and how to protect and live with nature and the impact of what we do in our lives and how it affects the environment. He read up on as much information as he could, the good and the bad, he looked at alternative theories. He even looked at spiritual influences and ‘alien’ influences.  Then he decided what he wanted to believe and stuck to his beliefs.

The other side to Kevin was a loving, loyal and caring being. He wanted to make most of life, learning along the way and to love and be loved, to be confident, successful and be the best person he possibly could. He was strong minded but also gentle and fun to be with. He created the perfect life for me, being with him for 25 years. He protected me from everything he could and taught me how to protect and stand up for myself when he couldn’t do it for me. We grew up together, learning from each other through the years and that made us the individuals that we became. Together we created our family, the two of us and our dogs. Yes, two men made a life with each other and became husbands to each other through love and created our own Kevin and Ian World which was a good place to live in. 

My Big Handsome Kevin told me that we would be together forever. I believe he is around me in some way and I also believe our souls will be together forever in another dimension.

I am excited and proud for Kevin Moore to be part The Justified and Ancients of MuMu People’s Pyramid.

Ian Smith