Mark Sephton Graham “Gobber”

3 February, 1961 – 15 June, 2021
Mumufied 2022

Gobber. So loved and so missed by so many.

We still feel your spirit amongst us. A musician,Sound engineer, lighting tech you excelled at all three. Gobber loved playing synth and guitar through his own sound system this brought him great joy. He played in bands all Liverpool based UNREST who played festivals and underground pub scenes. TIMESHARD who signed a record deal with Planet Dog Records touring extensively in Britain and Abroad this band accomplished many albums in the 90s and early 2000s Playing Glastonbury festival. MONSTERS OF THE ID his own venture were he gigged in Liverpool and Glastonbury town. Gobber worked at the Magnet club Hardman st mixing bands and then for the Liverpool Lantern Company bringing light to the city and yet more joy to people

He was loyal. Loving. ‘Out there’. Cosmic. Creative. Challenging. Humble. Esoteric. Shamanic. Addicted to sound and frequencies. A fantastic conversationalist. Interesting and clever. Outside of music he also loved the mountains the countryside walking climbing. His fave place was Nantmor Snowdonia close to Bedgelert Wales were he left his footprints for sure.The snowdonian mountains shall miss you. He loved Socialising. Festival’s. Humanists. The Cosmos. The Earth. Toxteth. Wales. His family(especially Ella his adopted granddaughter). Being in love. Being on stage. Freedom. Art. Sunsets. Sunrises.

You yourself were one in a billion. A wonderful Liverpudlian Generous, Precious, Enigmatic.

We shall miss you Gobber.

A truly beautiful human being Xx