6 April, 1939 – 29 December, 2009
Mumufied 2021

Maureen Taylor

Well there’s too many wonderful memories of our Mum. 

Born in Kent Gardens and lived with our Nana Rosie & her sister Lily until she met our dad, Kenny Taylor, got married & had us girls: Kim, Debbie, & Sandra.

We all then lived at Harrowby St, then Greta St where mum spent her last days. Mum worked at St Paul’s eye hospital until Nana Rosie took ill and mum cared for her until she passed.

She was the family rock!! Loved her bingo, Sunday afternoon drinks in the Queens & pubs in town with her mates, holidays with us girls and friends, Maureen & Barbara always with us!!!

The most straight laced, honest, respected person ever… she was there for everyone, especially family. And when the grandchildren came along, well they could do no wrong, she adored them… but kept them in their place!!

My life, my world, no-one had a bond like you & me Nan. My memories will be with me for life. My Summer & Sonny know you so well, I wish they could have met you. Love you forever. 

Xx Anthony xx

My amazing Nan. The day I told her I was gay, she sat me down in the kitchen, gave me a silk cut ciggy and said “so what if your Gay?… Just don’t be a fat butch dyke” haha.. you were always there for me when I felt alone… You were there for us all. Never turned your back on any of us kids, even if we were wrong. I’m strong because of you Nana Mo… love you.

xx Leah xx

I wish I could remember this but I was only 3. You took me to Germany to see Auntie Deb & Uncle John… for a week… we were still there 1 month later!! So we go sightseeing to the Berlin wall. We get off the train and I run through the Berlin wall barrier, next thing we had all the guns pointed at us!! Thought we were spies!! You must have been terrified haha!! Sorry Nan!! It’s still talked about today. Look after my Harris, Skyla & Billy. Love & miss you forever.

xx Becky xx

All my baby years spent with you Nan. Our wonderful adventures, ferry across the Mersey, Albert dock, pontins, Sefton Park, weekends away, Saturday night sleepover, my favourite junk food, cuddles in bed, the stories, you were so proud when I passed the entrance exam for Bluecoat. You’re just ” Simply The Best” Nana Mo

xx Alex xx love you always