Pete Woosh

Mumufied 2021

Pete Woosh

Pete Woosh had always been an avid record collector but began his Dj career as one of the core members of the DiY sound system after moving from Bolton to Nottingham in 1990. Forming a partnership with Digs, he cut his teeth playing eclectic sets at free parties, festivals and in the back rooms of the early DiY club nights across the country. He helped shape the organic soulful sound that DiY became known for and travelled extensively across the globe. He also recorded and co-ran the record label Strictly 4 Groovers/DiY Discs and the more eclectic imprint, Diversions with other members of the collective.

In 2015 diagnosed with a highly aggressive head and neck cancer Pete turned down chemo and radiotherapy for personal reasons, choosing instead a holistic journey of self learning and natural healing.

In 2017 he changed his Dj name, becoming The Peaceful Ones to reflect his spiritual beliefs. More recently he rekindled his Spirit Wrestlers record label – his focus for the last year and a half of his life was the 52 Card Trick, a project releasing two tracks a week for a year, from various artists. He gave all the monies raised to charities. He also worked on his own album with producer Andy Riley (Inland Knights and Drop Music) “7,000 Possibilities of Existence” which was released this year, after his death on October 2nd 2020.

Throughout his life Pete was heavily influenced by the KLF and remembers playing at Glastonbury 1990 when Jimmy Cauty came over to him while he was djing and handed him a 12” – likely to be Space which was released in July of the same year. He contacted Jimmy again in 2017 as he was looking to hold a 25th Anniversary bash for the Castlemorton Common free festival, which didn’t come off but he was invited to Dj at the End Times Sound System, the finale of JC’s country wide tour of the Aftermath Dislocation Principle.