Sarah Jane Billinghurst

Mumufied 2021

Scania Sarah

Scania Sarah the naughty rave step mum we all needed.

Open doored, open hearted and open baccy pouch

Feeding boys and girls, lost and found.

Caring for lost boys under the bed.

Stealing buildings from the rich to rave for the poor

blagging drugs from stash to give to the floor

A robin hood if you like

Well she had horses, a large Scania cart, dogs and even some pot bellied pigs

Loyal, compassonate, a listener and a doe-er, a party and a tea maker, enemy of the state and grumpy fucker.

She took no shit was unstoppable, unbelievable, uncompromising and unrependapdant and

with that unforgettable laugh, dirty, dangerous and fun.

AND THats what she be doing now, laughing at us and loving us.

Laugh on Our Sister from another mister Scania Sarah.