Shonah Ritchie Urquhart Howison

19 January, 1968 – 18 October, 2021
Mumufied 2022

Shonah was born and raised in the west of Scotland by loving parents John and Brenda Urquhart together with little sister Mairi.

Shonah was vibrant, creative, generous, intelligent, wild, and so, so much fun. She was a loyal friend to many and had the ability to make one feel as if you were the only person in the world. She would tell you good things about yourself. Whether it was funny, clever, beautiful, handsome and gave immeasurable love and support to those that she loved. She gave everything, her heart had room for everybody, no judgement, no bigotry, no hatred, just love.

She was a Chartered Surveyor working in the property development side of this business and was liked and respected by her peers for her knowledge, support and straight talking.

I had known Shonah since 1995 and only had sporadic contact with her till 2011 when our paths crossed, and a closer friendship developed and in 2013 she asked me to “hurry up and kiss me” I did and were soon very much in love which led to the happiest time in both our lives and married in 2019. Shonah took to becoming a wife and mother to my children with ease, she was where she always should have been.

Shonah was not unwell but was taken suddenly while walking with her beloved dog Rosie one week before our second anniversary. This has devastated all of those that loved her, and we all try to continue our lives as she would have wished.

One of Shonah’ last actions was to help Ian Smith with his words for his husband Kevin and her best friend who was Mumufied last year. I’m glad that they are together because they shouldn’t be alone and Peoples Pyramid is perfect for them both.

– Norman Howison