15 May, 1959 – 5 December, 2016
Mumufied 2018


By Jimmy Cauty (brother)

The top of the pyramid was kind of fallen off or blown off and was lying on its side. It was/is a very Simon Cauty type of image.

Simon Cauty was born dramatically on the 15th May, 1959
Simon Cauty  died dramatically on the 5th Dec, 2016
In between those two dates
Simon Cauty was my kid brother
Simon Cauty had a pet python
Simon Cauty was two years younger than me
Simon Cauty’s and I played in the woods
Simon Cauty came to Stonehenge festival
Simon Cauty lived in a squat in London
Simon Cauty was an artist, and model maker
Simon Cauty used a lot of Gaffer tape
Simon Cauty had a pyramid logo and a dog called Scooter
Simon Cauty rode a Ducati Desmo
Simon Cauty had four sons with Megan
Simon Cauty taught his kids how to make art
Simon Cauty went on an adventure with Emma
Simon Cauty was chased by a bear
Simon Cauty was once described as being like a cross between Clint Eastwood and Stigg of the dump
Simon Cauty made loads of cool things.

Some of those things involved making props and other objects for the JAMs and The KLF.

In the 1980s and 1990s Simon was an indispensable part of the KLF Communications art dept.

There were things that had to be made, usually at short notice, and Simon was always there to make that thing happen. It could be anything from a couple of ceremonial rhino horns, made from foam and baked bean tins (still in use today), to building a throne for Tammy Wynette or a Dalek out of tea chests. Later he spent more time with his abstract ideas, computer art, a pyramid-shaped bird box.

We shared some DNA so had a similar vision of how things should look. Simon made most of the model train set for the video of Last Train to Trancentral by the KLF. he also painted all the seagull shit on the Viking long boat for the video of America What Time is Love.

Whenever I see anything to do with the KLF or the JAMs I see a bit of Simon in there, or a bit of Gaffer tape he left there.

Simon Cauty didn’t know about the People’s Pyramid

The People’s Pyramid had not been thought of when Simon was alive, so his sons, Arthur, Jake, Axel and George, signed him up for MuMufication after his death.

But because Simon and I shared that DNA, I know for sure he would have the same vision of the completed pyramid and he would be honoured and amused to be in the first Brick of Mu laid on the foundation stone on the first Toxteth Day of the Dead.

I think it’s fair to say that the train of thought that led Bill and I to the People’s Pyramid was set in motion by the sudden death of Simon Cauty.

(The Ballad of Simon Cauty) 

Simon Cauty is in the first brick laid
How high the People’s Pyramid?
Simon Cauty made a tea chest Dalek
How high the People’s Pyramid?
Simon Cauty in a Viking long boat
How high the People’s Pyramid?
Simon Cauty had a pyramid logo…