Susan Leigh Powell

Mumufied 2021

Susan Leigh Powell

Leigh Powell, daughter, sister and auntie to everyone.

Leigh Powell a Ranty, Loud and Oppositional woman. 

With a smile that could light up a room.. a tent.. a trailer..a field.

A protester with a big gob and an even bigger heart. A woman who lived daily with the daily challenges of a disability that she never allowed to grind her down or prevent her from getting into the thick of life and defending her rights, our rights-against the wrongs of this world. 

A shouty, noisy beauty full of kindness and tough love. Was willing to speak her truth-even if it might have occasionally have been misplaced. pastedGraphic.png

Another one of us is gone, another one of the defenders, protesters and lights who put herself on the line time after time.

Independent to the end. Tough as old boots. With a heart of absolute Gold.

Leigh Powell has now left the building. 

Leigh Powell has ascended.

Leigh Powell is Free, truly, properly, totally Free