The People’s Pyramid is a new monument and form of memorialisation.

The People’s Pyramid will be a solid brick monument made of 34,592 Bricks of Mu. Each brick contains a small portion of a person’s cremated remains.

MuMufication is a new form of memorialisation, both a funeral ceremony and a celebration of life, for like-minded people irrespective of creed or background.

Having a small portion of cremated human remains fired into a Brick of Mu and laid in the People’s Pyramid is known as MuMufication.

New Bricks of Mu are ceremonially laid on the 23rd November each year.

The final location for the People’s Pyramid is yet to be found.

The Bricks of Mu laid so far rest on the People’s Pyramid Foundation Stone, quarried locally from Liverpool, and kept inside a shipping container.

The People’s Pyramid on its foundation stone. Image credit: Dan Dares Photography

Image credits: Dan Dares; Jane MacNeil, Beccy Strong.

The People's Pyramid Isometric drawing
The People’s Pyramid is designed to start as a small pyramid and grow upwards and outwards each year. It will take decades to complete. Isometric drawing by Paul Sullivan.